Anderby Creek Beach

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Where is Anderby Creek Beach ?

Anderby Creek Beach  is located in: Beaches in North East England, Beaches in Lincolnshire

Anderby Creek Beach  is good for these activities: Dog Walking, Kite Flying

Anderby Creek Beach  is a :  Sandy Beach

Anderby Creek Beach Factfile:

Is Anderby Creek Beach  a dog friendly beach?

It’s fully open to dogs September-March, while there’s dogs need to keep to the designated areas during the summer months.

Is Anderby Creek Beach  a good beach for families?

As it’s quiet, this is a perfect beach for families to enjoy.

What facilities are there at Anderby Creek Beach ?

There are a number of cafes and a pub in the hamlet as well as a toilet block

Is there public transport to Anderby Creek Beach  ?

In this part of Lincolnshire? You’ll be lucky!!

This beach can be found on the following section of the England Coast Path: 


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Anderby Creek Beach Details

Wide sandy beach, typical of this part of Lincolnshire. Boundaries are defined more by what village is nearby as technically there’s just one long beach on this section of coast! There are dunes to explore and this is both one of the quietest of Lincolnshire’s beaches and one of the best.

You should take time to visit the Cloud Bar, not for a pint, but to observe the sky from the cloud viewing platform.

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