Official England Coast Path Route

Official England Coast Path Route

Official England Coast Path Route

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Official England Coast Path Route

An interactive map of the full England Coast Path will be here soon, as well as links to the individual sections. We’ve currently divided the route into the 4 sections that seem to be an official designation, but we intend to divide these down into more meaningful sections as we add the routes. We’ll probably split the North East into the North East and East Coast, and we’ll work the remainder out as we go along and intend to have it all in place before the route is officially opened.

Please note that the geo data is huge and may have difficulty loading in some instances and is incomplete (the Skegness / Mablethorpe section isn’t shown, but we’ve got you covered as this will be the first section we write up!) Often these freely available GPX files aren’t suitable for navigational use and we’ve found many to not even be standard GPX files and useless when uploaded into digital mapping software. We have you covered and we recommend you visit the individual section pages as we upload them over the coming months.


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